Customer FAQ


If you register yourself for a customer login and save your address and payment data, you won’t have to enter your complete data during the next order. It’ll be enough to login with your e-mail address (user name) and your password.
Your saved data will be shown to you then. You can pursue the order status, e.g. wether your delivery is on its way.
You can pursue the delivery status of your order under “Your account“ at any time.

Here we answer some frequently asked questions:

  • I’m already a customer of the stradivarishop. Do I need a login nevertheless?

Even if you already are a customer, have registered once and would like to order via login now, this is only possible with your user name (e-mail address) and password.
  • How can I get a new customer login?

Click on the link "login". Afterwards a window opens "Create a new account or login",where you can create a new account. After "continue" you can enter your address data, your e-mail address (user name) and your desired password first with which you login into your customer account. After a mouseclick on the point “continue” you see a confirmation page and are logged in.

  • I have forgotten my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can have sent a new one via e-mail. Therefore you find a box “I’m a customer” on the right side and below a corresponding link “password forgotten?”. Just click onto this link, enter your e-mail address (of course this one which you have entered during your registration) and a new password will be send to the given address at once. Of course you can change this password after the first login.

  • An error message appears "There’s no login"?

If this message appears, you either haven’t registered yet or you’ve entered a wrong e-mail address (user name). Please enter exactly that e-mail address as user name that you have chosen during the registration of your customer account.

  • How can I change my password or other data afterwards?

Very easy: Just login and see the link “your account” top left. Click on it and you can edit your account, e.g. change your password, administrate your addresses (delivery address, invoice address), change newsletter subscriptions and more.

  • Is there a minimum order value?

We don’t know a minimum order value. It doesn’t matter if you order for EUR 5 or EUR 1.000... The postage is always chosen for the cheapest way of transport.
  • Currencies

You can indicate the prices in the shop in 5 different currencies: euro, British pound, Swedish crown, Danish crown, Polish Sloty and Swiss franc. Please, have understanding for the fact that a payment is possible only in euro. So it is converted during the order process always into euro

  • Do I receive an e-mail confirmation after the purchase?

You receive a notice of arrival for each order, where you can find all relevant data for the processing of your order. E.g. delivery address, invoice address, ordered items, transfer data etc..

  • How can I delete my account?


There’s no function to delete a customer account as it simply won’t be used as long as it is not needed. If you want to delete your account nevertheless, you can send us an e-mail with your user data (JUST name, address and e-mail address, no passwords) and we’ll delete the account manually for you. Please use our contact page for this.

  • How can I remove products from the basket of goods?

The products which you have selected till now are listed in the basket of goods. To remove a product from the basket of goods click on the button “remove”, which is next to each article position. After that you have to “update” and the item will be removed from the basket of goods.

  • If a problem should arise:

If problems should arise against expectations, please contact us via e-mail: or via our contact page. Please, describe the problem as exactly as possible, important details are among others: your customer number, error messages of the system as well as the browser used by you.